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This is Minasa Bandanna Company!

Owned and operated by our human mama Katlyn Kahler. We are three lovely fur babies who help out with making these cute creations by providing inspiration, entertainment and sometime even obstacles for our mama to get through during production, like that one time Sami ate the ribbon role... of course we all live with our mama in Minnesota. founded in 2016, the business is new, but we are very excited to introduce our super cute and original products to share with other fur babies! We are also excited to share a portion of all the profits with other fur babies who have yet to find their forever homes by donating to local and in need animal rescues. All of our bandannas are unique and one of a kind! Particular patterns and styles only come in limited quantities and sizing, boutique style!  Patterns are always unique and are available in limited quantities for production because a portion of our material comes from scrap or remnant pieces, once we are out of a style it may not return so get it while its here! now here's your chance to look at our super cute faces before you shop! 

Mia (13) The matriarch, or as mama calls her Baby Girl

 Nala (7) better known as The Princess 


 Sami (2) A.K.A. The Beast 

 ...and here's us doing our favorite thing with our mama

Thanks for checking us out! Now get shopping!
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